It's Summer Baby!



 It's summertime here in our magical village of Eureka Springs and I couldn't be happier! It's time to break out the Beach Boys records! It's time for watermelon and ripe tomatoes! It's time for swimming in the lake and orange soda pop! It's time for a new mömandpöp single!

 That's right folks, the new mömandpöp single, "Be Nice", will be dropping Wednesday, June 21st--the official first day of summer! It will be available on iTunes, CD baby, and all that jazz...

 In other mömandpöp news, I recently installed a home studio in casa mömandpöp, ( thanks to Chris Maxwell for the advice, and the steady, hands-on assistance of Jason Weinheimer ), I'm very excited about the prospect of laying down future m&p tracks from the comfort of my own castle. ( As anyone that's ever played with Logic Pro X can tell you, it truly is mind boggling what you can do these days digitally; just google "Logic Pro X Drummer" if you don't believe me. Or, one of those screaming goat videos on youTube, hey, it's your summer... )

 Lots of summer shows coming up, I'll keep y'all posted!

                                                              Take Care,